8 thousand people visit the Progreso municipality on Sunday

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According to the report, police officers exhorted the passers-by to leave, but while some were leaving, others were arriving, all determined to spend a beach Sunday.

Even senior citizens, children, couples with babies; all of them decided it was a good day to spend on the beach, forgetting about the pandemic and the risk of contagion.

Yesterday, despite the threat of rain, hundreds of visitors came to the beaches of the port of Progreso and their respective coastal communities to enjoy at day on the beach and a good fried fish or seafood.

Beachgoers start arriving in Progreso and other beaches as early as 7 AM

The police report mentioned that the beaches remain closed and in the case of recreational boats there are still restrictions on the maritime operation, which is from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays should not navigate, by government mandate, for which recreational boats that are on the coasts would qualify for administrative sanctions.