23-year-old woman commits suicide in Kanasin, Yucatan

Mérida, Yucatán (September 1st, 2020).- A young woman suffering from a depressive crisis hanged herself on the evening of Monday, Agust 31st, in a property located in Kanasín that was used as a grocery store.

A 17-year-old boy, who was a partner of the victim, was the one who found her hanging from her neck shortly after midnight when he got up to go to the bathroom.

The suicide occurred inside a property located in the San Marcelo subdivision. The house is located in the back of a store called “La Rosita II”.

Kanasin is located 6.4 kilometers (3.1 miles) south of downtown Mérida

According to reports, the 17-year-old GJCE got up to go to the bathroom and found his partner, LLGC, 23, hanged in the shower, with a rope around her neck.

He immediately lowered her and laid her on the floor, called 911, and went out to seek help.

Unfortunately, the emergency services could only verify the death of the young woman, who had been suffering from a depressive crisis a few days before.