Yucatecan offers free transportation to curfew “victims”

Photo Via: Diario de Yucatan

YUCATAN (Times Media Mexico).-Mobility restrictions in the state have put many people through much hardship; however, in the face of this, one man offered free transportation.

Days before the case of the grandfather who could not get a bus to return home, and the case of a tourist who was stranded on the streets of the city, Don Lorenzo Poot offered his services and showed his great heart.

The message was made known through social networks, where Don Lorenzo Poot offered his service to help those who cannot reach the bus to return home.

“if anyone can’t reach their bus because of the curfew, i am at your disposal. For 1 or 2 people i have a car. If there are more, I have a free combi and bus to your house. A SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY.”

Without a doubt, Don Lorenzo demonstrated that there are more of us good people and the great heart he has. Although he doesn’t specify the direction he might take, he shared his phone number: 9992338492



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