Yucatan experts and local legislators ask for safe spaces for bicycles and road safety education in schools

Biciruta en Mérida (Photo: unionyucatan.mx)

“The bicycle should be the great engine of health and mobility, especially in times of pandemic, therefore it is urgent to have safe spaces to be able to circulate through the streets of the city”, explained experts in road safety and local legislators of Yucatan in the virtual forum: Mobility in times of coronavirus.

René Flores Ayora, a road engineer, emphasized that it is necessary to promote a road culture and education from the first levels of education; Take advantage of the online classes that will be given due to the health emergency of COVID-19 and generate capsules on this topic to make better citizens.

Flores Ayora stated that “the first square of the city must have bicycle lanes or emerging or areas that do not represent greater risks for cyclists and pedestrians, vehicles and public transport”.

Local deputy, Milagros Romero Bastarrachea, pointed out that “the bicycle today more than ever, due to the health emergency that COVID-19 represents, must be the great engine of health and mobility, given the saturation of public transport, which represents sources of contagions; however, there are no specific spaces or lanes for bicycles to circulate safely through the streets of the city ”.

“The bicycle is not a minor thing, it should be taken as a great transport alternative: it does not cost money, and it is a solution to be able to move safely, you are working out (which is obviously good for your health), you’re outdoors, you are not in a closed place and, in addition, you go streamlining mobility “, the representative highlighted.

For Romero Bastarrachea there is still some resistance on the part of the authorities to innovate, in daring to do things in favor of this proposed issue, since at least the first square of the city must be for pedestrians and bicycles. “They have not dared to be kinder to pedestrians and less condescending to vehicles,” she concluded.



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