With 6,139 new infections, the Health Secretariat says, “The pandemic is still active.”

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – According to Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary for prevention and health promotion, 14 states are showing a downward trend, and others have stabilized. However, he did not specify which ones.

He reiterated that the coronavirus epidemic is still active, which is why the population, he said, should only go out for really necessary activities and not for recreation.

“In general terms, we have almost half of the country now – if we look at it state by state, it is certainly not the representation of either territory or population – but we have 32 states and almost half, 14 at the moment have a declining pattern. At some point, they have already reached the peak of the epidemic curve and have had a progressive decline, adding up to three weeks of progressive decline”. López Gatell explained

Other states of the remaining 16 have a situation where they have reached stability, understood as no change in the number of daily cases.

Let it be very clear that cases are still occurring. The epidemic is still active, let there be no confusion, the epidemic is still active, but the number of cases that occur each week is already equivalent to that of the previous week. That is another situation of as many states. And finally, seven states are on the rise,” he said.

Meanwhile, nationwide, 49,698 deaths per covid-19, due to the emergence of 829 new deaths.

There were 456,100 cumulative infections, with 6,139 cases reported 44,636 are the estimated active cases, and 85,845 cases were under suspicion.

The number of patients who have recovered is 304,708. One million 41,860 people have been studied, the Health Ministry reported.

According to the IRAG Network (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection), Nayarit recorded 75 percent in overall beds than the 44 percent average national occupancy.

Nuevo Leon reported 68 percent and Coahuila 65 percent. In beds with ventilators, the national average occupancy is 37 percent.

Yesterday, 179 new cases of Coronavirus were detected in the Yucatan. 80 in Mérida, 35 in Valladolid,10 in Tekax, 9 in Tizimín, 7 in Ticul, 5 in Temozón, 4 in Motul and Umán, 3 in Progreso and Teabo, 2 in Chumayel and Hoctún, 2 foreigners, and 1 in Buctzotz, Chemax, Chocholá, Conkal, Dzidzantún, Dzitás, Kanasín, Peto, Sudzal, Temax, Tinum, Tzucacab and Uayma.

There are already 10,922 positive cases, 121 of which are from another country or state.

Specifically, in Merida, 5,972 people have been diagnosed as infected with Coronavirus in the following areas
1,440 in the northern part of the city
1,613 in the eastern part of the city
607 in the city center area
995 in the South zone
1,317 in the West

In total, 1,307 people in Yucatan, have died from COVID-19.
Please stay home, stay safe!