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We must visualize Yucatan far beyond Merida

by Yucatan Times
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Entrepreneur calls for entrepreneurship in the interior of the state

Merida remains the largest entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Yucatan, concentrating 70% of the activity, followed by Tizimin, Valladolid, and Kanasin.

However, the centralism of the Yucatan capital would be a negative factor in sustaining the economic growth of the state in the midst of the health crisis, because it would be falling into a comfort zone despite all the attractions that the city has to invest, which is why experts urge to take advantage of the competitive advantages that exist within the state.

“Merida concentrates 80% of the GDP, which is absolutely absurd and not sustainable. In fact, the scan we carried out shows that the most important enterprises have been carried out in Merida, but on the other hand, entrepreneurs in the interior of the state are basically focusing on small businesses or the so-called ‘changarros‘ (micro-businesses), which is important to maintain, but it is also necessary to focus our economy in that area to boost it more, there we can strengthen two things: tourism and industry,” she said.

Regarding the same point, Gimena Sanchez, general director of Endeavor Mexico, believes that one of the advantages of Merida is that it already has the right foundations to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and now we need to take this experience to the whole state so that it is not only concentrated in the Yucatan capital.

“On a national scale, we see the same thing happening in Yucatan. In the country’s capital, there is a high concentration of entrepreneurial projects, but the important thing is to discover how we can transfer all this experience to other latitudes to promote the activity. Yucatan is not only Merida but there we have the right foundations that help to promote entrepreneurship. Now it’s time to reach all corners of the state and not just concentrate on one point,” he said.

Comfort zone

“The truth is that we do live in an oasis. Yucatan is still privileged somewhat and we all can see that you can breathe that atmosphere of cordiality and security. Crime is an inhibitor to development, but so is the comfort zone, and I think it can be bigger. When a human being is challenged with difficulties, that’s when he or she gets ahead, and what happens to us Yucatecans is that we support each other in one way or another, but we also don’t find enough dialogue among ourselves to find a way to get ahead together with the community around us.

The study, carried out over six months based on interviews with 321 businessmen, showed that the economic development of the Yucatan has been more concentrated in the manufacturing, business services and construction sectors. However, it also highlights that there are entrepreneurs who decided to direct their efforts towards technology and innovation, further diversifying the field of entrepreneurship to detonate new investment opportunities.

It was identified that entrepreneurs in Yucatan are between the ages of 26 and 30 when they start their ventures.

Along with the age and order of the enterprise, it was found that the first approach to the ecosystem is at approximately 29 years of age; of these companies created, 64% are currently operating and 9% were acquired. In their second undertaking, they reach 30 years of age; of these, 71% continue operating and 11% were acquired.

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