Watching foreign television from your home in Mexico

A great way to improve your Spanish is to watch Spanish language television programs and movies, but if you have purchased a property in Puerto Vallarta, you will likely want to be able to access some content from the USA and Canada, like favorite TV shows and local news stations.

Luckily, as technology changes and streaming sites – like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime – have increased in both content and popularity, finding American and Canadian television programing from Puerto Vallarta has never been easier.

Cable television is available in Puerto Vallarta from IZZI and Cosmored. IZZI offers many US and international TV channels that give you the option of watching in English or Spanish, while the majority of the programming on Cosmored is in Spanish, and familiar English language shows will most frequently be dubbed in Spanish.

Many foreigners prefer to go with satellite television from Dish Mexico or SKY Mexico, both of which offer a larger number of USA and Canadian television stations, however, satellite service can at times be unreliable during rainy season storms.

One of the most popular options is to use streaming sites. While sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime do not offer all of the same content choices as in Canada or the USA, you will find many of the same shows and get the added benefit of having access to some fantastic programming from Mexico, Latin America and Spain, all of which comes with the option to add subtitles or dub into English.

Now more than ever, it is easy to get that little bit of home entertainment from your country of origin, while you enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of living in Mexico.