Video showing racist Florida woman harassing landscapers goes viral

Brandon Cordova and his landscaping crewmates were finishing up their second-to-last job of the day Thursday in the back yard of a house in Delaney Park — having battled temperatures in the 90s and humidity for hours — when he heard a commotion.

A woman was cursing and yelling at his coworkers in front of the home. Cordova, wanting to document the encounter in case it escalated, pulled out his phone and started filming from a distance. Soon, the woman began shouting racial slurs.

“We were just trying to figure out what the hell we did to this lady, trying to make it right,” Cordova said. ” … She was in my coworkers’ face … just going off. … She was trying to say all those hateful things, and they weren’t even being bothered — they were joking around. The more they were joking around, the more she got mad.”

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Cordova’s video has since circulated widely online, with one Facebook repost gaining over two million views. The landscaping crew has drawn widespread praise for their calm reaction to the woman’s rant and attempts to diffuse the tense confrontation.

The woman, who is apparently suffering from a mental illness, ended up being arrested as she began to insult the police officers that arrive on site.