Uber reinforces sanitary measures in Yucatan

Aiming to help Merida reduce the impact of COVID-19 to have a safer mobility environment for all inhabitants, Uber reinforces its security measures for driving partners and users of the application, in line with the new health protocols established for the operation of Transport Network Companies (ERTs) in the state of Yucatan, which entered into force on August 1.

“At Uber, we are committed to being part of a safer return to the activities of the cities in which we operate, such as Mérida, where technology has been positioned as an ally in favor of development for more than 4 years and growth of the city, ”said Cecilia Román, Uber’s Security Communication Manager.

“We will communicate to our driving partners and users the message of the new sanitary measures issued by the State Health Secretariat, to allow private trips with up to two users,” he added.

During these months, the technology company has approached those who are self-employed in Merida with different solutions that contribute to reducing the spread of COVID-19, such as:

  • Mandatory use of mouthguards (drivers and passengers)
  • Drivers will be reimbursed on personal protection items
  • Drivers have access to hygiene services at gas stations

“Through technology and innovation, we will continue to improve our service in Yucatan, in order to move forward together towards the new schemes of the “new normal”. Always according to the state’s epidemiological traffic light, until we transition hand in hand to the economic, tourist, and economic reactivation of the mobility nationwide ”, concluded Cecilia Román, Uber’s Security Communication Manager.