Tropical depression No. 14 continues its course towards the Yucatan Peninsula

Tropical Depression 14 has formed this morning in the Caribbean Sea and, according to the projections of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) of the United States, it maintains its course towards the Yucatan Peninsula.

The agency notes that the Tropical Depression is expected to strengthen over the northwestern Caribbean Sea.

It could generate tropical storm-force winds and heavy rainfall over parts of the coast of Honduras and the Bay Islands tonight.

The system could be close to or in cyclone force when it hits the Yucatan Peninsula on Saturday, August 22.

The tropical depression could get much stronger in the Gulf Of Mexico.
The system is expected to move into the south-central Gulf of Mexico as a tropical storm on Sunday afternoon.

Some strengthening is anticipated as it moves northwest over the western Gulf early next week.

However, the agency clarifies that it is still too early to know its location and the magnitude of the impacts in the Yucatan Peninsula and along the central or northwest coast of the Gulf.