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Things To Buy In Yucatan For Your Folks Back Home

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While we are aware of Mexico’s diverse and palatable local cuisine, its handicrafts are quite renowned in their own right. If you are traveling through any of the three regions that comprise the Yucatan Peninsula-namely Quintano Roo, Yucatan, and Campeche – you will find a broad range of options to take back home as gifts and memorabilia. Rest assured, your folds will be blown away by the sheer intricate beauty of Mexican arts and crafts.

Embroidered shirts, dresses, and décor
Any region can be identified by the type of embroidery it produces. Yucatan has some of the most beautifully embroidered clothes and home décor items in the world. If you have been looking for some patterned blinds online, you are sure to get your money’s worth in Yucatan. The same goes for the specially embroidered clothes of the region.

Filigree Jewelry
If you want to give your folks something that is quintessentially Yucatan, invest in some Filigree jewelry. This variant is available in almost every souvenir shop in the area, and comprise of elaborately twisted neckpieces, earrings, and other accessories.

Souvenirs at the Supermarket
For those who are on a tight budget but still want to take something back home, the supermarket can be a great place to find some inexpensive souvenirs and food items that are not available at home. For example, embroidered pillowcases, salsa, achiote paste, lemon peanuts, and canned peppers are very popular gift items that you can get for relatively cheap.

Food and Drinks
Since we are on the topic of gifting foods as memorabilia, you can consider gifting salsas, chocolates, and other memorabilia that are typical of the Yucatan peninsula. Also, there are plenty of liquor stores selling some of the most delicious alcohol in the world here. Try the drink of the Maya, made from fermented honey produced by the bees of the Xtabentun flower. If you like what you drink, carry a bottle back home for your friends and loved ones.

Merida is a bookworm’s paradise. But, you can purchase a lot more than books in the libraries of Yucatan. From the material on art to local cookbooks, there is literature that you can use to create the Yucatan experience at home. In the museums, you will find books related to the rich archaeological history of the period. There are also plenty of exhibitions occurring regularly in the city that are sure to paint the picture in a new light for you. With the many regional cookbooks, you will be able to recreate the many palatable dishes of the Yucatan Peninsula even when you have left the beautiful place.

Your experience at Yucatan can be as elaborate or as concise a yu want it to be. The region has something for travelers with varying budgets. As for the stuff that you can take back home, the particulars mentioned above articulate the most recognizable essences of the Yucatan Peninsula and are sure to remind to of your trip whenever you encounter them.

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