Home Feature The rampant corruption in AMLO’s government – From electoral helpers to Mexican IRS bosses.

The rampant corruption in AMLO’s government – From electoral helpers to Mexican IRS bosses.

by Yucatan Times
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Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador defended Javier Portugal Dorantes and Paloma Rachel Aguilar Correa, who were members of his security detail and now work at the SAT -Mexican IRS- without fiscal experience.

MEXICO CITY (Reforma) – Once again, the Lopez Obrador government is exposed. This time for putting people close to the President in high positions in the Secretary of Finance. This is a highly relevant issue since Loez Obrador is doing exactly what he criticized during his 18 years of political campaigning—filling key positions with his supporters. 

“They have a lot of experience… (Javier) Portugal I don’t remember him. I do know Paloma. I probably know Portugal too, but I don’t identify him, but I do know Paloma. Do you know what Paloma has? That she is a young lawyer who has great merit, something that for me is fundamental, what we were talking about, she is a woman with convictions. She is honest, incorruptible, and that is what is needed in the SAT and the whole government. These public servants do not have a price, who do not sell themselves, honest,” he said when questioned about the appointment.

“We are cleaning up in the SAT, in customs, and what we are doing is promoting young people, honest people to occupy strategic, key positions, where the cannon shots arrive. Before this way, they fixed everything; they were the ones who dominated the SAT.” (SIC)

REFORMA published that, without experience in fiscal matters, Javier Portugal Dorantes and Paloma Rachel Aguilar Correa, were advisors and promoters of Morena’s vote in the past presidential elections, and later both were members of AMLO’s “Assistantship.”

Portugal studied Political Science at the UNAM, then advised Morena in the federal Congress from 2015 to 2018. Until a few days ago, he accompanied the President on his tours to attend to requests, receive letters, and listen to the dissatisfied. But now he will be the Central Administrator of Taxpayer Services at the SAT.

Back then, he earned 46,337 net pesos per month. Now his salary has risen to 92,911 net pesos.

The other case is that of Paloma Rachel Aguilar Correa, who, from being the President’s assistant, became the General Administrator of Resources and Services of the SAT.

Aguilar worked in the “Torres y Blásquez” office that advised PRI senator and former SLP governor, Teófilo Torres Corzo.

She was a parliamentary advisor in 2015 in the Potosi Congress, a promoter of Morena’s membership from 2016 to 2018, and a federal deputy for Morena.

Aguilar earned 46,337 pesos net per month for “procuring and assisting” AMLO. Her net income now is 103,837 pesos, only 8,000 less than the President, who has a net income of 111,900.

Regarding what was published by REFORMA, the AMLO expressed: “I have not seen this article, but REFORMA must have published it, I know, it is like the one about the little figures, I already have this one, because they also said that there was persecution, fiscal terrorism, and that many of their sponsors were used to not paying taxes,” said the President in his usual incoherent rants, filled with resentment. “This bothers them a lot, all the media. Now they are living in criticism. (SIC)

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