Telmex workers call for national strike

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 19, 2020). – Some 1,180 members of the Union of Telephone Operators of Mexico in Yucatán joined a collective work stoppage that took place throughout the country, which included some 60,000 workers.

The union leader in the state, Abelardo Moguel Cárdenas, specified that this determination was made after an agreement was not reached at the national level with the Telmex company regarding the renegotiation of the collective bargaining agreement.

He explained that the company asked to eliminate clause 149 for the working contract, which grants the possibility of a pension to new workers.

“They want to take away from us all the rights that we, for years have fought for”, he expressed.

He said that the negotiation is expected to continue and if there are no agreements, a permanent strike would be called after the 15-day period offered by the national union to Telmex expires.

“It is the first step of more actions in case the company continues with that position. If no agreement is reached, then now we have to exercise the right we have as workers to strike, “he said.

Due to this strike, telephone and internet services could not be provided properly, which affected thousands of clients that the company has in Yucatan and all over Mexico.