Teenager caught stealing in Motul, Yucatan

MOTUL, YUCATAN (August 17, 2020).- A teenager was discovered when he was attempting a robbery at a grocery store in Motul, Yucatan, on Sunday, August, 16th.

The events occurred at the Dunosusa supermarket, located on Calle 22 in the city center, around 8:00 p.m.

The Municipal Police received the report and upon arriving at the place they found that the store staff had caught a teenager, who was allegedly trying to steal boxes of candy. The young man was caught right on the spot by the store manager.

The suspect, who is about 16 years old, appears to be a native of the Kancabal community, in the municipality of Motul.

The police officers called the young man’s parents, who had to go to the store to pay for the products.