Tabasco joins Oaxaca in “anti-junk food” law

With 22 votes in favor and 8 against, the Congress of the Mexican state of Tabasco approved the initiative that prohibits the sale and distribution of junk food and sugary drinks to minors, as well as the consumption of such foods in educational and health centers.

After this decision, Tabasco becomes the second state in the country (the first was Oaxaca), to approve an initiative to combat public health problems such as childhood obesity.

The Ordinary Health Commission issued the opinion that establishes the modifications to the Health Law, Education Law, and Municipal Finance Law, which prohibit any type of sale, distribution, or donation of sugary drinks, sweets, prepared foods with a predominance of carbohydrates and trans fats to minors.

The Law prohibits the installation of vending machines in basic education centers, public and private hospitals, clinics, and health centers.

The supply to minors of this type of food will not be allowed unless those who do so are their parents or legal guardians.

In addition, a strategy is developed to limit advertising in mass media by increasing the fee for rights payment by 25%.

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