State government says there will be no impunity for femicides

“The State Government makes important efforts and actions to provide comprehensive care and combat the social problem that violence against women represents in Yucatán, an issue in which we recognize that there is much to be done, but in which we work daily to contribute to reducing the spaces for impunity”, assured the head of the General Secretariat of Government (SGG), María Fritz Sierra.

In this regard, the state official pointed out that violence against women is a structural social problem that is not unique to Yucatán but regrettably occurs in much of the world, and the Government of Mauricio Vila Dosal is making a significant effort to comprehensively address this problem, in which the responsible participation of society is also required.

“From the State Government we condemn any form of violence against women and that is why it has been arranged that state agencies and bodies work to combat them,” the head of the SGG emphatically asserted.

In this sense, Fritz Sierra recalled that, despite the budget cuts applied by the Federation, in Yucatán, the Governor ordered that the budget destined for the Secretariat of Women (Semujeres) be protected, in such a way that it is one of the few state dependencies that not only have not seen their budgetary allocation decrease but on the contrary, it has increased considerably.

In addition to this, the head of the SGG indicated that the State Government has also been characterized by the deployment of numerous actions and schemes aimed at preventing this type of violence, in which a wide range of institutions concur with the relevant support of Civil society organizations.

“We have to recognize that there are many women who suffer and we have not been able to prevent some deaths. In this matter, the task is of the whole society. The authorities and society have to work together to advance and combat this problem. As the State Government, we are clear that much remains to be done in this matter, ”said Fritz Sierra.

Likewise, the official stated that, in the crimes of violence against women, classified as femicides, in most of them the alleged perpetrators are subject to legal proceedings by the State Courts and highlighted that the current state administration has provided comprehensive care both to the relatives of the victims, as well as to the children, grandparents and other relatives, as well as to those affected also in the degrees of attempt.

It should be noted that the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System placed Yucatán among the 7 states with the lowest rate of presumed femicides at the national level, registering 0.3 cases per 100,000 thousand women.

Fritz Sierra pointed out that, consistent with Article 20 of the Constitution, the State Government has established the necessary mechanisms and instruments to work to protect the rights of the victim, receive legal advice, as well as emergency medical and psychological care, at the same time to help the Public Ministry to repair the damage, safeguarding his identity, as well as requesting precautionary measures for his protection.

In this sense, the head of the State Executive Commission for Victim Assistance (CEEAV), Beatriz Zavala Peniche, reported that in this state administration a comprehensive reparation of the damage to women victims of violence is being implemented, which ranges from legal advice in their complaints before the Public Ministry, until the conclusion of a sentence that allows them to access justice.

“In addition to an emotional repair of the damage with psychological therapies, a social repair, linking them to social programs that allow them to recover their quality of life, and a subsidiary recovery of the economic damage, when so determined by the Judicial Power,” said Zavala Peniche.

The head of the CEEAV reported that, from January to July of this year, the instance under her charge has provided legal advice to 1,456 victims of violence, most of them women, girls, and adolescents, who in addition to accompanying them in their legal process, have also been provided protection and monitoring for their rehabilitation.

The state official recalled that women who are in a situation of risk can ask for help through the 9-1-1 emergency number or 089 for anonymous reports.

With a total of 238 protection measures granted to women in situations of violence in the last two months, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that it continues its work of psychological and legal assistance to this sector of the population, through the Justice Center for Women (CJM), headed by Patricia Gamboa Wong.

The importance of women has always been evident in the current state administration, which can be seen in the wide variety of programs promoted to support women in a comprehensive manner and deal with cases of violence. For this reason, the State Government recalls that, in the event of suffering any type of violence or meeting a woman in this situation, they can call 999 923-37-11 or 999 923-37-19. Or send an email to  semujeres@yucatá