Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico makes shocking accusations

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home and using Zoom and other platforms; however, these tools have exposed a few.

This time it was the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico, Víctor Manuel Toledo, who believed he could trust all those present in a virtual meeting while criticizing the federal government (but obviously, his statements went public).

Víctor Manuel Toledo said the current administration was full of contradictions, revealed the existence of an internal war for power, accused Agriculture Minister Víctor Villalobos of promoting businesses to benefit large corporations.

He also accused Alfonso Romo of blocking anything that has to do with the environment and of asking him to favor specific companies such as a beer factory and a mining corporation.

Sources said the President held a virtual meeting with the minister to talk about the incident; however, it seems like Toledo already said everything he had to say.

Finally, we will see if Toledo leaves the Environment Ministry or if the government investigates the accusations made by him.