Public Security Secretariat (SSP) investigates high-impact crime in the north of Mérida

The State Investigative Police carries out an operation in the Buenavista neighborhood, in the north of Mérida, for “acts constituting a high-impact crime.”

An official letter from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) has gone public, in which the Ministry asks residents of the neighborhood, who have security cameras in their homes, to provide registered material, “during the hours between 05:00 and 08:00 hours on August 5 of this month”.

It is specified that, in the absence of specialized personnel to download the material, the Secretariat will provide them with a specialist.

The request affirms that, according to the National Code of Criminal Procedures chapter VI Police article 132, the police can “interview the people who could contribute some evidence for the investigation, request the competent authorities and request persons or companies, reports, and documents for legal research purposes ”.

Residents of the Buenavista neighborhood reported on Thursday, August 7th, a strong air and ground mobilization in the area, including an SSP helicopter and agents of the Investigative Police aboard vans, making rounds in the area.

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