Residents of the port of Progreso declared to Novedades Quintana Roo that a man carrying a knife was arrested by local authorities on Tuesday, August 11th. They say the man is the suspect of murdering a taxi driver.

After reporting the homicide of a taxi driver on the Progreso-Chicxulub Puerto highway on Tuesday night, it was found that the person responsible is already under the custody of the authorities.

As reported by The Yucatan Times, the taxi driver, identified as José “N”, was killed on the road that connects the port with the Chicxulub Puerto community, allegedly while resisting an assault.

Residents of the area noticed that the taxi was traveling on 10th Street in a zig-zag, apparently, two people were struggling inside the car, one of them with a knife.

Witnesses said that when the taxi stopped they were able to see that the driver was injured, while the passenger was holding the weapon.

Civilians immediately detained the aggressor, as he tried to flee the scene.

They called the emergency number 911, so an ambulance arrived at the site, however, the paramedics could no longer do anything for the victim, who sustained various injuries to the body and neck.

Police officers also arrived, and they arrested the alleged murderer, who was identified as Darvin “N”, who lives in Flamboyanes.