People march in Mérida to protest against femicide

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (August 30, 2020).- Relatives and friends of Fernanda G., the young woman murdered by her ex-boyfriend inside a property in the Residencial Pensiones neighborhood, held a demonstration this Sunday demanding actions against femicides in Yucatán.

In the protest, which consisted of a caravan that traveled through some streets of the city, the mother of the victim participated, who sent a message:

Photo: Óscar Estrada

“In the case of Fernanda, perhaps the State will not be able to prosecute the person responsible (because the murderer committed suicide), but the State of Yucatán can do justice through actions aimed at preventing such terrible crimes from being repeated.”

The murderer of the young Zumba instructor, after shooting her twice, put a bullet in his head with the same revolver.

According to the protesters, the demonstration was not only for Fernanda but also for Emma, ​​Henriette, Gladys, Ana, Suemi, Yazmín, Irlanda, Norma Yolanda, and Yamili, all of whom were murdered this year.

A virtual demonstration was held as well with the same objective.

Photo: Óscar Estrada