Mérida therapist provides renewed sense of health and wellbeing

A new health platform named “aisa care” will be launched in the coming months to connect health services through a web portal and App that will favor the health accessibility for people in Yucatan and all over Mexico.

One of the founders is José Daniel Gutiérrez Guerrero, who graduated from the Marista University of Mérida as a Physiotherapist and Physical Rehabilitator.

Jose Daniel is already successfully providing therapies to a number of Mérida residents (Expats included), with outstanding results.

He is trained in different massage and rehabilitation methodologies, but he is one of the few specialists in the central Richellis 3D Thumb Technique in the city of Mérida.

The Richellis 3D Thumb Technique is carried out using special tools that help the therapist to obtain better results in muscle treatments at both superficial and deep levels.

The consultation is done at home for personalization and always using strict hygiene measures (especially during this time of global pandemic).

Jose Daniel has created his own website to promote this service that provides a totally different experience with exceptional results.

This one-of-a-kind service is focused on exclusivity, monitoring, guidance, and personalized treatment for each patient, according to his/her individual needs.

On his website, José Daniel features a massage promotion with a technique that provides a totally new and different experience featuring the use of the Richellis 3D Thumb Technique.

To set up an appointment with José Daniel click on the following link and fill up the contact form: getpromassage.app.exur.com