Mérida proposes the creation of Lost Pet Alert

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

MERIDA, YUCATAN.- Councilor Arturo León Itzá proposed the creation of a “Lost Pet Alert” (AME), in order to report and disseminate the cases of lost dogs and cats in the city through the Ayuntatel line and the Mérida Móvil application.

In Session, the mayor Arturo León stated that only 2% of cats and 15 or 20% of lost dogs return home; he also explained that most of these dogs suffer from abandonment, hunger, mistreatment, violence, and there are cases of torture documented on video all over the web.

Street dogs in a difficult situation”
“Many citizens have told me that due to the pandemic that we are going through when a pet gets lost, it becomes very difficult to go house to house and tour the whole neighborhood trying to find it, so we are proposing a Missing Pet Alert (AME) so that through the Ayuntatel line and the Mérida Móvil application, citizens can report and find lost cats and dogs, ”said Arturo León.

Arturo León commented that this proposal seeks to use the technological tools that the Mérida City Council has, to create a link between the owners of lost pets and those who find and rescue them.

“We will take advantage of technology, we’ve adapted our services to the new normal and we help citizens get their pets back home safely; at the same time that we are taking the first step to avoiding that more animals end up in a street situation ”, expressed León Itzá.

Arturo León invited his fellow council members to join this initiative and make Mérida the first city in Southeast Mexico, and one of the first in the country to implement this type of strategy.