Mental health, a new priority in Yucatan

Via: Sipse

Regional Mental Health Center to be built in Tekax

MERIDA, Yucatan .-“Psychiatric care will be provided for the first time in the interior of the state”, said the mayor of Tekax, Diego Avila Romero, when he announced that in coordination with the state and federal governments they are preparing the project to build a Regional Center for Mental Health.

Avila Romero said that the new medical attention will be part of the Tekax General Hospital, which began operations last January 15 with new specialties: gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics and emergencies.

“The idea is to bring the services currently offered by the Psychiatric Hospital ‘Yucatan’ to the south of the state. We are working with the State Government and with the Federal Government in this project so that Tekax General Hospital can have a mental health area.

Diego Avila added that this hospital has an impact on more than 250 thousand people throughout the south of the territory and that from January to date 300 children have been born, almost 900 surgeries have been performed, and hundreds of lives have been saved in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.