Mel Gibson’s lawyers prepare lawsuit against woman creator of ‘Miel Gibson’

SANTIAGO DE CHILE.- Using the word “honey” and the name of one of a famous actor, a Chilean woman named her honeybee brand “Miel Gibson”, to popularize her product on social networks.

Miel Gibson, only for the brave, ”says the label printed on the jars in which the beekeeping product is sold, which is produced in southern Chile, along with an image of the actor when he played the Scottish hero William Wallace in the 1995 film Braveheart.

But the owner of the small business, Professor Yohanna Agurto, who lives in the capital Santiago de Chile, said through her social networks this week that a team of lawyers, who identified themselves as the actor’s representative, wrote to announce that they would initiate legal action if she keeps using the name and image.

I almost died when this warning came to me, ”Agurto told Chilevisión television. “What do I do if they sue me? I am selling honey to eat every day, how can I afford a lawyer, ” she added.

Maybe they think we are a big company, but Miel Gibson is me and my son, “added Agurto, who said she had started selling honey at the end of June to cope with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And that they need to continue selling their honey to survive.

Contacted by the news agency Reuters, Agurto said that the lawyers located her through the email associated with Miel Gibson‘s social networks and that she has not yet responded.

In addition, she insisted that the name is supposed to be “funny”, that “she had no bad intention” and that she did not think it could harm the actor’s image.

Source: Reuters