Meet “Lady 3 pesos” (VIDEO)

In social networks, a woman was nicknamed # Lady3Pesos, after insulting the employees of a supermarket in the Azcapotzalco district in Mexico City.

According to reports, the woman was furious after being denied access to the store as she was accompanied by a child (which is not allowed).

The woman (who was not wearing the face mask properly), claimed to be a lawyer and made fun of the workers’ salary, but as she was denied access, she asked for her five pesos back (fee she paid for the parking lot).

“Give me back my five pesos from the parking lot then, ah, you’re a naco, you earn three pesos, sorry, ”the woman is heard saying on the video.

“Bring me the manager and you go to hell pendejo”, she insults another employee.

“You cannot enter the store with a minor, miss”, another employee says.

I need to do the shopping for my children, you pendejo… I am a lawyer, I will go to Profeco right now and you’ll see .. What is your name? The woman asks another employee, who answers “what is yours?”.

“You earn three pesos a month, right? Poor devil you,” the woman continued to insult the worker.