Marijuana detected inside plastic cartridges at the Mérida Airport

In two inspection and surveillance actions to avoid acts possibly constituting a crime, members of the National Guard detected in the parcel hangar of the Mérida International Airport , bags containing cigarettes in plastic cartridges and tobacco cigarettes in wrappers. 

When applying presumptive tests, they tested positive for marijuana.

Cigars in plastic cartridges with marijuana detected at Mérida airport

In the first event, 66 cigarettes with a weight of 91.74 grams were detected and in the second action, 33 cigarettes with a weight of 35 grams and 86 tobacco cigarettes with a weight of 248.11 grams were insured.

The shipment from Puebla was bound for Mérida, Yucatán-

The evidence was presented to the Attorney General’s Office.