Man who killed a taxi driver in Progreso claims self-defense

The young suspect from Tabasco detained for attacking and killing taxi driver José Gabriel MacDonald Sánchez while he was driving his taxi on Tuesday, August 11th around 10 PM, now alleges that he killed in self-defense, in order to avoid being convicted.

According to other taxi drivers, the alleged criminal intends to change the way of the events, by saying that he was defending himself, but the authorities are carrying out investigations to clarify the facts.

Witnesses, who asked not to be identified, assured that when the taxi passed near them they were able to see that a person in the back seat was attacking the driver, they saw him stick a knife in his back and neck.

“He stabbed him from the back seat… How could the taxi driver be attacking him from the driver’s seat while driving the car?” said a witness.

“When the taxi stopped at the corner of 56 and 19, we saw that the driver tried to get out, but he was bleeding profusely due to the wounds on his neck, he collapsed and fell inside the vehicle,” added another witness.

The murderer tried to flee, but the locals stopped him, they armed themselves with sticks and stones, forced the subject to come out of his house, he surrendered the knife with which he attacked the taxi driver and then sat on the sidewalk, watched by the people who saw him killing the man.

“If it had not been for the residents who detained the alleged murderer, he would have fled the scene, when the police arrived, the suspect was already under the custody of the people” concluded the anonymous witness.