Man detained in Tizimin, as he was found in possession of toucan

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

TIZIMIN, YUCATAN (Agust 22, 2020).- A subject was detained in a sanitary filter in the municipality of Tizimín, after finding that he was transporting a toucan illegally in his vehicle.

The man originally from Quintana Roo, identified as Gener CG, 52, who was discovered at the checkpoint located at the entrance to this municipality, when he tried to enter in a Chevrolet with Quintana Roo license plates, around 11 a.m. on Wednesday, August 19th.

The police officers carried out routine inspection and noticed a cardboard box inside the vehicle, in which the toucan was found, with no water or food, and visibly in bad conditions.

The driver did not have any document that guarantees his legal possession, so the animal was seized, as the subject detained.

Finally, the bird was delivered to the corresponding environmental and wildlife authorities, and the man was placed under the custody of the State Attorney General’s Office, and his legal status is yet to be determined by a court of law.