Lockdown brought a new generation of animals to the Mérida zoos

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Merida, Yucatan (Times Media Mexico).- “The Centenario and Animaya zoos have enriched their fauna with the birth of 74 animals, including two hippopotamuses in the last four months of the pandemic”, reports Arturo Antuña Silveira, deputy director of the general services of the Merida City Council.

Two llamas were born in the Centenario and young of other species that are protected, such as five macaws, four of which are in Animaya and one in the Centenario, eight flamingos in Animaya, and as for the hippopotamus, one was born in the Centenario and the other in the Animaya Zoo.

Other animals had registered reproduction, such as parrots, birds, and turtles, among others, during the time of the pandemic that have kept the doors of zoos closed.

“If there is no good care there is no reproduction of the fauna” the municipal official underlines.

“We are following the periods with care and attention to the animals, which allows them to feel comfortable and stable and this allows for healthy reproduction”, he continued.

In addition, Zoo’s personnel are taking advantage of this time when there are no visitors to provide better care and treatment to the fauna.

Now, we have the whole day off to give treatments and injections, he explains.

The parks have a well-marked biosecurity system, with sanitization, gel, use of mask and gloves, plus the biological care that the animals need.

Vehicles cannot enter if their wheels have not been disinfected, and no food is delivered if it is not verified by veterinarians, among other measures.

Arturo Antuña indicates that the zoological parks will be reopened when the authorities indicate decide it, but both the Centenario and the Animaya Zoos receive daily maintenance as if they were still active.