IZAMAL – On the second to last Sunday of the summer vacation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, the center of this city was observed yesterday desolate, with very few people.

The deplorable economic situation that many families are facing due to the pandemic was reflected in this Magic Town on this last Sunday.

Last year, during the summer holidays, shops, market stalls, restaurants, street vendors and artisans reported good sales due to the massive influx of tourists, especially on Sundays.

However, this summer many parents, young people and professionals have been left unemployed by the pandemic.

Yesterday it was noted that a few tourists arrived.
It was also observed that artisans were cleaning the premises of the main park that will reopen today, Monday, after closing them since March, when the first case of the pandemic was detected in Yucatan.

On Thursday 6, the City Council authorized the artisans to reopen their stalls, but only from Monday to Friday, since on Saturdays and Sundays by state order all non-essential businesses are closed to reduce the mobility of people in the streets and the contagion of Covid-19.

Yesterday, several drivers of Victoria cars were also observed parked near the Franciscan convent, but without demand, due to the arrival of few visitors.

Taxis on the Izamal-Merida route were also in little demand. It was observed that the units left with only a few passengers for the capital city.