Little by little, tourists are returning to the Yucatan; they trust the hygiene of the hotels

Hotel Misión Mérida (Photo: Google)

Statistics reveal a slight increase in hotel occupancy.

MERIDA Yucatan: The health certification for the Yucatan tourism sector began to bear fruit in July, when hotels and companies in the sector that had access to these benefits began to increase their occupancy rates by up to 20 percent.

The first visitors to the Yucatan and regional destination chose to contract services that guarantee high health standards against Covid-19, revealed hotel owners and tourism service providers.

Last May, Yucatan launched the health certification program for the tourism sector, which in its first stage, reached 1,200 service providers and benefited 48,000 workers in the sector, certification that is completely free and available to anyone who belongs or provides any tourism service in the state.

Veronica Ayala Munguia, owner of the hotel Diez/Diez Boutique, said that the Covid-19 pandemic forced the tourism industry to rethink, especially in the health measures to safeguard the health of guests, diners and employees, so at this time the Yucatan destination is sought by visitors to comply with health protocols against Covid-19.

“No other state with which I have communication, because of the work in the hotel industry, in any other state have applied such rigorous measures in terms of prevention,” he said.