Justice for “Whiskers” a dog run over by police officers in Xocchel, Yucatan

Whiskers (Bigotes) is a street dog that after a long wait finally found a family that adored him, unfortunately, this story took an unfortunate turn a week ago, when he was run over by police officers from the municipality of Xocchel, Yucatán.

Its owner, Eulalia Concepción Puuc, says that after hearing a loud noise. she went out to the street and found her dog crying and her brother-in-law and nephew informed her that a municipal police patrol car had run over the dog, after getting on the sidewalk due to the high speed at which the vehicle was circulating.

This recklessness of the municipal police, cost Whiskers his tail, nails in a limb to prevent him from losing it, damage to the hip as well as an infection that is being treated in addition to requiring at least three surgeries at a cost of 20 thousand pesos.

Xocchel is located 49 kilometers (30 miles) east of Mérida (INEGI)

Eulalia presented her complaint to the authorities of the Xocchel town hall, but they did not give her a hearing date. Eulalia assures that the authorities’ intention is for the case to be forgotten and go unpunished.

Whiskers’ family is holding the police officers accountable for their actions against Whiskers, they remain firm and hope that the case gets the attention of Governor Mauricio Vila and that the Xocchel municipal authorities pay for the heavy expenses that the recovery of the innocent dog represent.