It’s totally safe to go to a restaurant in Yucatan (CANIRAC)

“The Yucatán restaurant industry applies sanitary measures and complies with the protocols established by the health authorities so that restaurants are safe places for diners and workers”, said Roberto G. Cantón Barros, local president of Canirac.

Likewise, he expressed his disagreement with the “exorbitant commissions” charged by the digital platforms that deliver orders at homes.

“La Canirac can assure that restaurants are safe places to visit because they comply with all the health security measures established by the authorities,” he stressed.

“Among the measures we take are the use of face masks and shields by all staff, disinfectant mats at the entrances, temperature measurement for customers and collaborators, and use of antibacterial gel,” he added.

Menus in QR code
He also mentioned the use of disposable or QR code menus, the healthy distance between tables, limited hours, and capacity from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 10 at night with an authorized quota of 25% of the capacity in dining areas.

He recalled that they close on weekends when they can only operate with home delivery.

As reported by the newspaper, G. Cantón Barros stated in recent days that due to Covid-19, more than 4,000 restaurant industry in Yucatán had to close down.

In the interview, he reiterated that the health and economic crisis generated by the pandemic affected the influx of diners, especially since they are allowed a capacity of only 25%.

Food preparation
However, this percentage of occupancy will increase to the extent that hospital occupancy in Yucatán continues to decline and as society regains the confidence to go out to live together in public spaces such as restaurants.

Sanitary measures are also strict in food preparation to ensure safety, he said.

They also guarantee a safe delivery to their clients through the delivery service of their own businesses instead of digital platforms, which charge excessive quotas for their services.