In the last few weeks, the epidemic has accelerated in Yucatan (Lopez Gatell)

At the press conference of the federal Health authorities, on Wednesday, August 5, Undersecretary Hugo Lopez Gatell reviewed the situation in Yucatan regarding the coronavirus, from the start of the pandemic until today.

In a technical report developed by the general director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía Zegarra, he stressed that in the majority of municipalities in Yucatan it started with an early transmission of the disease and the regions with more intensity are Valladolid and Mérida.

He explained that the Covid-19 curve in Yucatan begins a decline between weeks 15 and 16 of the pandemic and then there was a plateau, which is a flat peak that lasts several days, without rising or falling in the number of cases, which is verified between weeks 20 and 23.

Subsequently, there was an upward trend rise with significant acceleration especially between weeks 26 and 27, and the disease has accelerated again in the last week.

The official added that the percentage of positivity of the Covid-19 in Yucatan for week 18 is close to 50 percent and has continued to rise until this week with 59 percent.

There is also 17 percent of active cases in the state and hospital beds are still below 50 percent, according to the federal government data.