UNITED AIRLINES reactivates the Houston-Cozumel flight.- Pablo Aguilar, representative of the Quintana Roo tourism promotion council, announced the reactivation of the Houston-Cozumel flight of a US airline, which will arrive on Saturdays around noon.

Cozumel remains undoubtedly an attractive destination both for tourists and for shipping companies and national and international airlines; Little by little, tourist activity is recovering, increasing the flow of visitors, an example of this is the reactivation of the Houston-Cozumel flight which arrived Saturday with 144 passengers, with a frequency of once per week, as Pablo Aguilar, representative of the CPTQ, stated.

He indicated that United Airlines has been offering air service between Houston and Cozumel for 40 years and was suspended due to the pandemic, but now that the economic reactivation began, the airline reactivates this flight.

“It is added to the flights that come from the United States of America Airlines with its flights from Charlotte and Dallas, so we see that they are having confidence in the destination and the security it offers its visitors,” Pablo Aguilar concluded.