FONATUR official mentions the construction of a new airport in Mérida

Raul Bermúdez Arreola, delegate of the Fonatur in Quintana Roo

Cancun, Quintana Roo (August 9, 2020).- Raúl Bermúdez, Fonatur representative in the state of Quintana Roo, said that as part of the Mayan Train project there are plans to build two new international airports, one in Tulum and the other Mérida.

However, according to local authorities, nobody knows anything about this in the Yucatan state government.

When asked about this new airport, the State government the answer was: “In relation to the versions of representatives of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur) in Quintana Roo, about the construction of a new international airport in Mérida, the state government informs that, as far as it is aware, the Maya Train project does not contemplate a new airport in the Yucatecan capital.

“The state government reiterates, as it has done on previous occasions, that the Maya Train project will bring big benefits for Yucatán, which is why from the beginning it has coordinated with the federal government, responsible for the project. But so far, the Yucatan State Government does not have the intention to build a new air terminal in the Yucatecan capital.

The representative of the private sector in Yucatan, Michel Salum Francis, was also asked, who like the state government assured that he has no information about the project to build a new airport.

“Nobody has told us anything about that new airport, we don’t know anything, only what has been published, but officially nobody has informed us,” he said.

Hector, Navarrete Muñoz, director of Grupo Asur, who is in charge of the concession of the international airport of this city, spoke in the same vein.

Navarrete Muñoz declared: “So far, we do not have any information whatsoever regarding this project.”

“We are concessionaires of the federal government and we will continue to do so for the next 30 years until the concession ends. That’s why there is currently an expansion operation at the Mérida Airport”, he said.

Héctor, Navarrete Muñoz, director of Grupo Asur, which is in charge of the Mérida airport, said: “We do not know its location or anything else about this project.”



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