Doctoranytime, the platform that is transforming telemedicine in Mexico and Latinamerica

We are in very difficult times, the pandemic has been a watershed of strong changes in our lives, both professional and daily. And just as many of us that now are doing home office or even in many cases, asking for groceries with home delivery, I’ll tell you that now we can also have medical consultations from it.

Yes, you read it well! Not everything that happens is bad, we can be pretty sure of something, COVID has made us realize that we can do all this without the necessity of going out, which is why one of the best things that have come to our hands these months it’s the Doctoranytime’s platform, designed specifically to consult your doctor without having to attend an office in person. Let’s go into details.

Let’s talk about Doctoranytime

Doctoranytime offers free medical chat for people to access, a doctor can help them with doubts regarding symptoms, and video-appointments with general practitioners, psychologists, and psychotherapists, which do have a price that may vary depending on the doctor and his/her specialty.

With 7 years of experience in Greece (where it started), considered the platform number one in Europe, Doctoranytime arrived in Mexico 0n 2019 to help us with the innovation of telemedicine, with more than 25,000 registered doctors and 70 specialties by now.

“This campaign emerged as an act of empathy towards everyone. Each one is going through different circumstances in this confinement, however, we can all say that this pandemic has definitely transformed our lifestyle. In hindsight, a lot of good things have emerged in recent months: we learned that remote working does work, now companies are focusing more on the health of their employees, we spend more time with our families and, of course, technology helps us easily access our doctors when we need them, ”says Emilia Salazar Country Manager Doctoranytime Mexico.

Thanks to this platform, it is easier and safer to schedule an appointment with a doctor. All you have to do is register, log in, find your doctor, select the time, and confirm your appointment. Everything at your fingertips in a simple way!

How to be sure of trusting in Doctoranytime’s doctors?


Of course, we have many doubts when we find out that something so easy and good is in front of us. But don’t worry, keep reading!

Doctoranytime cares about our trust, so it shows the complete doctor’s profile, where you can find:

  • Background
  • Experience
  • Identification card
  • Reviews
  • Appointment prices
  • Hospital where he/she currently works
  • Open doctor’s agenda

Do you feel better? By reading their data you can ensure you are dealing with someone completely professional. This allows us to specify easily step by step booking an appointment and always be in the hands of a professional.

Currently thousands of doctors can keep working on this platform, since many of them had to close their offices due to the pandemic. And in the same way, many patients are calm and happy to be able to talk with a doctor in case of having symptoms of any disease, especially if we talk about COVID.

For this reason, we recommend you to take a look around the platform and choose to consult from home instead of risking yourself or your loved ones. Remember, your home is now the safest place!