Covid-19 new strain detected. It is 10 times more infectious.

This coronavirus mutation is found mostly in the United States.

PUTRAJAYA Malaysia (EFE – Press Cell) Malaysia sets off health alarms as Doctors in the Asian country revealed a strain of Covid-19 coronavirus with a 10-fold infection potential.

According to Malaysia’s Directorate General of Health, the D614G mutation can dangerously increase the spread of the virus.

The strain was detected in three of 45 cases investigated in a particular group, involving a restaurant owner who traveled to India but did not comply with the quarantine. “The strain could mean that existing vaccine studies may be incomplete or ineffective against the mutation,” explained Noor Hisham Abdullah, director of the agency.

However, according to a publication on the Cell Press website, the strain may not alter the studies that have been conducted in pursuit of the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the studies, the mutation is found mostly in Europe and the United States. Besides, the fact that D614G will be more dangerous because of its ability to infect does not mean that it will cause new symptoms or a more severe picture of the disease, the World Health Organization said.

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