Citizens gather in Mérida’s Plaza Grande to demand AMLO’s resignation

On Saturday, August 1, a number of protesters from the Somos Frena anti-AMLO group met outside the cathedral doors to demonstrate peacefully and demand Lopez Obrador’s resignation.

Those present carried signs with messages asking AMLO to resign, it was said that agents of the SSP monitored the peaceful demonstration.

To continue with the demonstrations in order for Andrés Manuel López Obrador to resign from the presidency of the country, the “1st Occupation of Public Plazas” was held in the main square of Mérida from 9 am to 11 am.


Ricardo Mendoza Elizondo, the representative of the antiAMLO movement in Yucatan, declared that although they are aware that it is prohibited to call public gatherings due to the health contingency, he indicated that they are in their right to freedom of expression: He added that they have seen in recent days several protests in different parts of the city, and now they decided to bring it up to the gates of the Government Palace.

“We will keep on exercising our rights as citizens, and that’s why we are gathering in the main square, with the proper healthy distance, masks, mouth covers, and all the proper sanitary measures,” Mendoza Elizondo concluded.