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Religious devotees await the passage of the image outside their homes

SISAL, Hunucmá – The “Susana Distancia” is not an obstacle for the Catholic faithful to show their faith to Christ who, since Sunday, August 2, makes his annual visit to this port.

In spite of the fact that the port in general, restaurants, liquor stores, other businesses, parks, other public places and even the centrally located church of San José remain closed due to the health emergency caused by COVID 19, on Sunday, August 23rd, the demonstrations of faith from a distance continued due to the devotion and love of Christ, who, like every August, is visiting the port of Sisal.

Jaraneros performing with face masks on (Photo:

On this occasion, due to the pandemic, the celebrations in honor of Christ are being held in a different way than in previous years.

The Catholic temple closed since March like all the other churches of Yucatan, opened its doors this Sunday for a while and the image of Christ came out to make a brief tour, accompanied only by a few custodians, all wearing face masks, which since April in Yucatan is mandatory when leaving home.

Four members of a charanga and a couple of jaraneros -also with face masks and respecting the healthy 1.5-meter distance- were the only ones who participated in a mini-vacation that welcomed the patron saint to the doors of the church.

Then, the custodians took the image of our Lord JesusChrist up to a truck that was decorated with a pair of giant espadrilles.

Black Christ of Sisal (Photo:

The procession of Christ had begun in the main streets of the port.
Numerous faithful of the port waited, at the doors of their houses, for the passage of the Black Christ, Lord of Sisal.