Chinese Association of Yucatan donates 30,000 mask for citizens

photo via : Sipse

The Mayor of Merida receives the donation

MERIDA, Yucatan – The City Council of Merida, Mayor Renan Barrera Concha, received a donation of 30,000 face masks from the Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula, led by it’s president Bai Yi, in a simple event held at the press room of the Olimpo Cultural Center.

“We are very grateful to the Chinese community for this token of their appreciation and solidarity in difficult times, which will allow us to reinforce health measures against Covid-19,” said the mayor of Merida.

He said that the support is an act of good will, doubly valuable because it is aimed at the health of the meridians by the Chinese community.

Upon receiving an acknowledgement from the mayor, Bai Yi explained that in view of the situation the Yucatan capital is going through, and in support of the efforts during the pandemic, they decided to donate 70,000 mask covers for the benefit of the personnel working in the Municipality and the most vulnerable groups.

He recalled that a first delivery of 20,000 mask was made previously, and in the next few days another 20,000 should arrive from the city of Chengdú.

Of the 30,000 masks delivered today, 20,000 were donated by the city of Nangchag and 10,000 by the city of Shangrao.