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“Bad omen” at the Mayan Train project in the Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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Two events that some might consider “bad omens” were recorded in Maxcanú in relation to the Mayan Train, whose work was started on July 2nd.

MAXCANÚ Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – Mayor Marlene Catzin Cih, one of the authorities who presided over the ceremony, died a few weeks ago, and the “flag” station raised collapsed. For the people in Maxcanú, that is a “bad omen.”

Somehow the tragedy surrounds the ceremony presided by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the Yucatan. On the afternoon of August 6, a few minutes before the old station collapsed, several workers were on the roofs. Their job was to reinforce the building to be used as a station, in case the final project considered the site as a “stop” for the new railway.

“Let’s go, let’s go, it’s late,” said the veteran mason to his companions, several of the young, who were working on the site.

The workers got off, made a few minutes to retire, when suddenly, at 6:10, they heard a loud noise that made their eyes go to the place where they were standing just minutes before. The roofs collapsed, Apparently, a few days earlier, rain fell that softened the structure. Inside were scaffolds that were left useless.

Fortunately, there was no personal damage, but there was the fear of what could have happened and the new mourning in which this population would have been plunged since Marlene Catzín died just a few weeks ago.

For some railwaymen, the site was considered a “snake’s nest” because of the many reptiles found on the site.

The station was home to terminal managers for many years, both on the United Yucatan Railroads and the United Southeast Railroads, which later became known as the National Railroads of Mexico.

In addition to old stations, like the one in Maxcanú, the new train will also use old routes that cross several towns where the houses are practically on the tracks.

However, many changes are planned, as apparently there is no final project yet, as modifications are regularly made or at least announced in this way.

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