30 minutes or its “tree”, delivery service for trees and plants in Yucatan

Via: Diario de Yucatan

” Huerto Móvil”, the great idea of a leader in the face of the pandemic

Families from the San Pablo Oriente neighborhood that have been economically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, adopted trees at home through ” Huerto Móvil”, a measure promoted by Councilman Arturo León Itzá, which aims to help in the household economy, reduce the need to leave home and generate awareness in the care of the environment.

Arturo Leon indicated in a statement that the Mobile Garde” is part of his program “Sowing in Family”, which aims to promote self-consumption through home gardens, thus helping the meridians that have been affected in their economy by the pandemic.

“We give the neighbors fruit and ornamental plants with which we seek to help the family economy and contribute to the care of the environment, with the ‘Huerto Movil’ we take to the homes of citizens, so they do not have the need to leave, trees that will adopt and care, and in the medium term may harvest its fruits,” said the mayor.

León Itzá added that with the arrival of the coronavirus, social programs have had to be rethought and innovated so that citizens are less exposed, and with the Mobile Garden, neighbors will be able to access trees and seeds without the need to leave their homes.

If you want to adopt a tree at home you can send a direct message on social networks of Arturo Leon