Yucatan SSP in coordination with Campeche FGE locate missing 11-year-old girl

MÉRIDA, Yuc., July 29, 2020. – S.I.I.I, 11 years old, reported by her mother as missing since last Friday, July, 24th, was located in Champotón, Campeche, by agents of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP ) of Yucatan in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office of Campeche.

The girl left her house in the town of Maní, in southern Yucatan, encouraged by a 28-year-old man from Campeche, with whom she related through the social network Facebook.

The work of locating and searching done by the agents of the SSP State Investigative Police (PEI), led them to the ejido “Ley de Reforma Agraria”, in Champotón, and with the support of FGE agents from Campeche, they located and recovered the girl safe and sound.

Later they transferred her to the Public Ministry in the municipality of Ticul, Yucatan, for the corresponding legal proceedings and then the minor was delivered to her family in her hometown Maní.

Now the SSP police officers in coordination with the Yucatan State Attorney General’s Office integrate the investigation folder in order to proceed with the corresponding judicial process.



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