Woman in Chicxulub claims that she owns the beach

A Yucatecan woman was caught on video cutting the ropes of the boats anchored in the sand of the Chicxulub beach.

She alleges that it is her property, that she has just recently paid her “predial” (property tax), and sustains that she was told by the authorities that her property reaches the federal zone (which is totally absurd, since the beach is a federal and therefore public area).

Two local fishermen approach her and ask her what is she doing. She answers that it is her property and they cannot tie their boats there, so she is cutting off the ropes.

She tells the fishermen to go and find out if they want, because she just found out that her property, according to her, reaches the federal zone. She also tells them to sue her if they want.

This incident adds up to others recorded recently involving foreigners who own beach houses. But this time it is a 100% Yucatecan person (you can tell by the accent), who claims that they are invading her property when it is totally false since the beach is a public area, federal zone, and property of the nation.