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What is a dunnage rack: stainless steel equipment for your commercial kitchen

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Providing services in the foodservice industry is a very responsible and sometimes even challenging task. Owners must provide a secure environment for food prep processes, the safety of every guest, convenience of serving meals. Control over food safety must be a top priority as food-borne illnesses are quite dangerous for the health of restaurant visitors.

There are lots of activities aimed at achieving food control. For example, the purchase of the appropriate furniture made of materials such as stainless steel that prevent the formation and development of harmful bacteria and microorganism and promote easy cleaning procedure and fast food preparation. If you want your restaurant to have all conveniences and to facilitate the preparation of meals, it is time to discover what is a dunnage rack, its advantages, and functionality.

Benefits of a dunnage rack

Dunnage rack, or bakery rack  is one of the ways to meet all standards and requirements. If you want to know what is a dunnage rack used for, then you must know that using this type of kitchen furniture, you can keep away all products away from contaminates that usually accumulate on the floor.  Having such a rack at your commercial kitchen or in a special storeroom is a reliable solution for storing any type of product. Manufacturers use only durable, rust-resistant, and strong material that won’t be a subject for corrosion or damages. Also, you can pick among a variety of sizes. Thus, you get a customized solution.

  • Ideal holding space. Every restaurant has a perishable product in its assortment, and a dunnage rack is a great option to add some extra space to store such products without any risks. It is also suitable for huge cardboard boxes with different supplies as well as for storing bulk food ingredients.
  • Antimicrobial properties. Made of stainless steel such a rack prevents the growth of infectious bacteria ensuring a safe environment.
  • Easy cleaning. The surface of such a product allows simple and quick washing. Be careful, as stainless steel requires the proper chemicals to avoid corrosion, stains, and deterioration.

Choose AmGoodSupply for purchasing equipment for your food establishment made of high-quality and certified stainless steel materials for having more space to work with and providing everything needed for the successful implementation of restaurant tasks. Choosing AmGoodSupply products, you will get superior service and fast shipping.

Why stainless steel equipment is a good choice

With a dunnage rack, you can optimize and organize space and take care of additional tools for convenience in the kitchen of your restaurant. You can consider stationary aluminum products for use in cold temperatures (refrigerators or freezers) or mobile racks for quicker cleaning of the whole place. There is aluminum, plastic, and, as mentioned above, stainless steel items. If you want sturdy storage of boxes with food products for optimized foodservice operations, give preference to the stainless steel rack. Making the right decision, you will equip your foodservice business with top products in the industry.

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