Vehicle restriction begins in Yucatan to avoid an increase in COVID-19 infections

The vehicle restriction began on Thursday night from 10:30 at night until five in the morning, and in coastal municipalities from nine at night to five in the morning, with the purpose of discouraging people from going to parties, social or recreational events of any kind, in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in Yucatan.

This measure, which was published today in the Official State Gazette under the agreement of the Yucatan State Health Secretariat (SSY) 04/2020, only restricts the movement of vehicles on a provisional basis, that is, at a very specific time.

Vehicles that require urgent medical attention, as well as those used for the acquisition of medicines, are exempt from these measures; vehicles in which health personnel, duly identified, belonging to the medical area, in any of its specialties, paramedical, administrative or support, are transferred; vehicles in which the personnel of duly identified law enforcement or justice institutions are transferred; those dedicated to the provision of home medicine delivery services and those dedicated to the provision of funeral services.

Also, those who are dedicated to the provision of cargo transportation service for the supply of essential activities other than self-service stores, whose supply must be made within the specified hours; vehicles used by media personnel to carry out their coverage, operation, and production work.

In addition, those who provide public cleaning, electrical energy, telecommunications, and garbage collection services; those dedicated to the provision of cargo transportation service whose entry and circulation in the state territory is uninterrupted until their departure from this; and those of private security service providers with current registration, authorized by the Ministry of Public Security.