Vacationers do not respect restrictions on Yucatan beaches

San Crisanto (Photo: Club de la Tortuga)

The “Club de la Tortuga Telchac Puerto” exhibited numerous vacationers who did not respect the restrictions in force due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic on Yucatecan beaches.

By mandate of the State Government, the beaches remain closed due to the pandemic; However, this weekend numerous Yucatecans were caught on video running motor vehicles on the beach, which is forbidden by law.

In San Crisanto, a man drove his Jeep all the way onto the beach, as if it was a highway, he was also caught on video by members of the Club de la Tortuga Telchac Puerto, and the video was sent to the corresponding authorities (let´s see if something is done about it).

As it can be seen on a video posted on Facebook by the “Club de la Tortuga Telchac Puerto“, a four-wheeled vehicle was speeding on the beach, as both occupants were recorded laughing at the cameraman. In the video, it is even observed how the two men send greetings as a mockery.

Telchac Puerto (Photo: Club de la Tortuga)

A couple was also filmed by members of the “Club de la Tortuga” driving their vehicle on the beach, in an area which is supposed to be restricted as it is considered a turtle nests’ zone.

Telchac Puerto (Photo: Club de la Tortuga)

There were also reports of people driving ATV type vehicles on the beach in Chuburna Puerto.

Chuburna Puerto (Photo: Club de la Tortuga)