CHIXULUB PUERTO, YUCATAN (July 5, 2020).- In a rare case for the Yucatan coast, the stranding of two manatees, mother and son, was recorded in the coastal section between Chicxulub Puerto and Uaymitún. However, when marine researchers and volunteers came to rescue them, they no longer found them.

Through the Facebook account page of the Yucatan Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Program (PICMMY-UADY), an alert was launched to locate them, since it is very likely that the tide has moved them and they could be stranded again.

The pair of manatees were observed at kilometer 22 of the Chicxulub-Uaymitún highway. A short video of the marine mammals was published by the PICMMY-UADY, on their Facebook account.

After the report, staff from Profepa and Ecology from the Progreso City Council went to rescue them, but the manatees were no longer to be found.

“It is very possible that the tide has moved them and that they are stranded again, so we ask for your kind help to locate them. In case someone sees them on the way to Chicxulub -Uaymitún or they know of someone who is in the area please let us know”, says the message that accompanies the video.

It is mentioned that these cases of manatee stranding are extremely rare in the Yucatan coast, and the bodies of these marine mammals can provide scientists with very important information for their conservation at the national level”, Yucatan Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Program publication concluded.

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