True life hero: Mérida police officer rescues dog attacked by bees

A police officer from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) rescued a dog that remained tied to a tree while he was unfortunately attacked by bees.

Although officer Ana María Chulim, a third class police officer of the SSP Yucatán, was found with at least 30 bites, nothing could take away the satisfaction of helping the poor dog who could not defend himself, much less escape from the swarm.

The events occurred on Wednesday, July 1st, around noon, when the agent noticed the attack against “Goliath”, who remained tied to a tree and was under a heavy attack by furious bees.

During the intervention to help the dog, the police officer resulted with at least 30 bites and she was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital where she was treated and reported stable.

Agent Ana María Chulim received recognition from Governor Mauricio Vila for her noble action.



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